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   "I don't like it, and I'm sorry I ever had anything to do with it." -Erwin Schrodinger

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  • Representations of, what I think are, the greatest scientific theories of all time.

    5) Electromagnetism: the first image shows an electromagnetic wave, with Maxwell’s equation below it. James Maxwell receives most of the credit for the unification of electricity and magnetism, but he relied on the work done by Gauss, Faraday and Ampere.

    4) The Pathogenic Theory of Medicine: the image shows pathogens (bacteria) during their reproduction, and the general molecular structure of penicillin; since antibiotics are arguably the most influential consequence of Germ Theory. The theory developed gradually due to the work of many historical physicians. And primarily by the first Microbiologist Anton van Leeuwenhoek, and also Robert Koch who designed the first clear criteria to establish a causal relationship between a microbe and a disease. Alexander Fleming is credited, as well, for discovering Penicillin.

    3) The Theory of Relativity: there’s a two-dimensional illustration of a curved three dimensional space-time, due to the presence of mass. The assumption that space-time can be curved comes from General relativity, and is deduced from the equivalence principle. The image also shows a light cone, representing the limit of causality between events, as a consequence of the speed of light limit. Also, I added the main relationship between Energy and Momentum in relativistic mechanics (the relationship from which E=mc^2 can be derived). Albert Einstein receives most of the credit for Relativity theory, though his theory is based on other physicists’ work, most notably Lorentz transformation.

    2) The Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection: the image shows a drawing of four evolving organisms, which resembles the evolution of amphibians from lobe-finned fish. (I actually evolved the organisms by taking the previous one and changing it slightly while drawing them :D).The image also shows a Phylogenetic tree of a species splitting into two (cladogenisis), and evolving in different branches afterwards. Natural selection was proposed by Charles Darwin. Alfred Russel Wallace is sometimes credited for independently developing a similar theory.

    1) Quantum Mechanics: the image represents quantum theory by showing the mathematical formula for Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, Schrodinger’s equation, and also a Feynman diagram of beta(-) decay. Quantum theory is arguably the greatest scientific achievement of man-kind. The credit goes to many physicists for founding and improving Quantum Mechanics, most importantly: Max Planck, Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Luise De Broglie, Werner Heisenberg, Erwin Schrodinger, Max Born, Wolfgang Pauli, Paul Dirac and Richard Feynman.

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